How to stop a fly away

What to do to stop a fly away

Brandon Hess

9/19/20231 min read

Do you know what a fly away is and how to stop one if you experience one in the field?

A fly away is when you encounter interference or signal loss between your drone and the controller and your drone is unresponsive or flies away. If you have already performed your due diligence and followed the rules of take off prior to taking flight your chances of a flyaway will have already been significantly reduced.

However, if your drone is sluggish to respond quickly find a safe place to land and revisit all of the rules of take off again to ensure your equipment is set up properly for a safe flight. If you don’t, you are increasing your chances of having your drone fly away.

If you find yourself experiencing a fly away the way to regain control is to simply flip your controller into attitude mode. This will disable gps and allow the pilot to regain control of the aircraft to perform a safe landing.

This is why it is imperative that as a pilot that you practice flying in attitude mode. This way you are familiar with flying the aircraft while it will drift with the wind and continue on it’s trajectory even when you let off of the sticks.